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Translations by Tanya


Russian version


The memory of long ago

When we were brightly shining stars

Reminds of our present bodies

Of stardust remnants and of time.


In our crazy little corner

Of universe that has no sway

We are like specs with no return

And hope is our milky way


In the unyielding, rigid lines

Of our fate with no ends

We seek the sparkling charm of pollen

Made by a myriad of plants.


Sometimes we think, we hear music

The songs of stars so far away

Where everything is so simple

And there is no night or day


We have already been forgiven

For winters, summers, springs and falls

We are all made of stardust remnants

And of forgiveness for us all.

May 19, 2002



Russian version


Between heaven and sin

The line is thin

Tears falling in torrents

On our earthly whims


Evil tries to look pretty

Mimicking beauty

While real beauty lies

In goodness alone


It is not so simple

To behold this thought

It is hidden by misty,

Narrow, slippery slope


Sweet it is to be treading

In the dimness of lust

To forget for a moment

To be lost for all times


To commit such a misdeed

Not to triumph or win

Between heaven and sin

The line is thin

May 19, 2002


Assemblage Point

Russian version

The movement of the point of assemblage

Is not a light or laughing matter

I open up the shutters of perception

And leave behind my earthly abode


And instantly become a warrior

Defender of the cosmos

Impeccable immortal

With stardust in my eyes


My weapons for this mission

Are just a couple lines

With more acute precision

Than firearms or armies


They are my true defenders

And I, by them protected

Can havoc reap on

Meaning, and theme, and plot and all


Defend against the evil

That wants to steal goodness

And love and trust and beauty

And wants to ruin us


So when I move that point

The point of assemblage

It is no joking matter

For I descend so bravely

Right to my own soul

And that is no farce

May 19, 2002  


Russian version  

I asked autumn for forgiveness with all my heart

On a drizzly-grayish morning of amber light

In the cold bareness of her months

I would bare my soul to her charms.


Please forgive me my enchantress, for I’m a fool

I’m in love with your trees and your afternoons

You are veiled in a fairy tale life it seems

I can never be your equal not in my dreams


She appeared at my door without a care

I was answered by the rustling of branches bare

How I wanted to  be near such a tender sight

To fall down and kiss her grasses’ might


Then without a warning, with smile bright

She sent showers of  foliage miles wide

Colored half a world brightly, for me, it seems

There is nothing in the world as great as this


Inadvertently I glanced into her eyes

Where I saw pools of tears as blue as skies

At that moment I was able to see the light

That I am her only servant and her knight


I asked autumn for forgiveness with all my heart

But I couldn’t up and leave her with all my might

I was hugged so tenderly by her hand

We shall stay together a while yet

May 23, 2002